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Albert – mobile POS terminal

Wincor World 2014 näitusel esitles ettevõte Wincor Nixdorf innovatiivse mobiilse kassaterminali Albert.



Albert Albert, innovative mobile POS terminal, was represented by Wincor Nixdorf during exhibition Wincor Nixdorf 2014.

This terminal, with 7-inch touch screen, is based on Androd OS. Display resolution is 1280x800 pixels. Device has NFC module, 3G and WiFi connectivity, built-in chip card reader and thermal receipt printer, 8MPix camera. Tablet complies with PCI-PTS 3.x.

With all these features Albert is the ideal solution for mobile POS systems for restaurants, cafes and retailers.


UVS Group is the group of companies, which provides comprehensive solutions for retail and service markets in Baltic States in Baltic States and Eastern Europe. UVS Group is the official representative of Wincor-Nixdorf in Baltic States. UVS Group’ experienced team will help You to solve any IT related problems, provide periodic hardware service and integrate and develop necessary software solutions.


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