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Solutions for fuel stations

WinFuel UVS Group offers it’s customers complex fuel stations control solutions, which covers whole range of products and goods offered by operating company.

Complex solution includes:

  • Fuel station POS-system UVS WinFuel;
  • Central management software BackOffice and HeadOffice;
  • Outdoor payment terminals (OPT);
  • Monitoring software Mon Eye.

UVS WinFuel

UVS WinFuelPOS-system UVS WinFuel is equipped with easy-to-use interface, which reduces errors during the work and time for personnel training. Multilingual interface and remote control greatly simplify the use of the software. UVS WinFuel is integrated with fuel dispensers and fuel reservoirs of world famous manufacturers. POS-system allows selling of fuel, retail goods, GSM PrePaid codes etc. and also has the empties return functionality. System is easily integrated with accounting programs, price stands, and security video systems.

Fuel station management software BackOffice

With BackOffice personnel is able to manage fuel station completing all needed tasks including goods range change, inventory control, fuel deliveries registration, reservoir calibration.

Fuel station central management software HeadOffice

HeadOffice is effective tool to manage network of fuel stations. It gives you ability to create new goods and groups of goods, change prices and VAT values, renew parameters of local systems.

Outdoor payment terminals

OPTUVS Group’s line of outdoor payment terminals has all solutions needed to meet demands and requirements of any customer. Embedded and stand-alone OPT’s have riot-resistant cases, integrated bank cards readers, thermal printers and touch screens. Optionally our OPT’s may be supplied with A4 printer and barcode scanner.

Outdoor payment terminal’s software has intuitive multilingual interface with ability to play advertising videos.

Mon Eye monitoring

Mon Eye – is comprehensive monitoring tool, which gives information about all hardware faults, providing system information and also have ability to monitor levels of reservoirs. 


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