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e-hinnasildid Electronic shelf labels (ESL) - this is not simply a substitute for paper price labels and a method of reducing costs. ESL - it's an investment in your customer's satisfaction, as the only ESL ensures correspondence of the prices on shelves and in your price information system..



 Advantages of the ESL are as follows:

Flexible control of prices;
Reduce the costs;
Innovative appearance;
• Reduction of complaints related to the disparity in prices;
Improving the quality of campaigns;
• Improve efficiency of staff.
Solution's components are electronic shelf labels, transmitting device and software. Price changes occur automatically when a change in the price information system is done. ESL system of Wincor-Nixdorf uses low frequency transmitters - each transmitter covers an area of ​​3,000 m2. The system provides high data transfer rate - up to 40,000 price changes per hour.

Security of ESL is provided by special bipolar magnetic closures that enable the rapid removal and installation of label - less than 1 second

e-hinnasildidA family of ESL's is represented in three types of display technologies: LCD, bistable displays (ePaper) and innovative TFT displays.

The main advantages of the TFT displays are:

• High contrast and resolution of the display;
Operating temperature range from -20 ° to +50 °;
The ability to use animation


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