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EDI system eXite®

eXiteeXite® EDI is a tool for interchanging business information between business partners. The main objective of eXite® EDI – to replace paper-based information exchange with standardized electronic document in order to reduce labor costs for information manual processing and minimize errors.

More than 6.000 companies in Central and Eastern Europe exchange over 20 million business transactions electronically via the eXite® EDI every month. One of the added values of eXite® is in fact, that with only one connection a user has access to a very high number of business partners. This is valid for domestic EDI partners from different industries, such as customers, suppliers, logistic partners, banks and even the public sector. But this is increasingly valid for international connections as well. Via eXite® and its increasingly growing network of roaming and franchise partners, virtually every EDI partner worldwide is interconnected.


The main advantages of eXite® EDI:

  • Refuse from manual data processing. The range of products supplied by the supplier to the commercial network can range from 10-15 to 300-400 or more positions. To transfer this amount of information by fax or manually enter order / invoice / bill in ERP-system, You may require a large amount of time spent by staff. With EDI-system there are no need to re-enter orders, which saves staff time and reduces the turnaround time of order.
  • No manual entry errors. No one is protected from error. The use of electronic data exclude the possibility of errors.
  • Instant receipt of messages. EDl-messages in eXite® are delivered to the recipient within 15-30 seconds after posting. No need to wait for the order, worry about the quality of received fax messages.
  • Unified standard of communication. For message sending is used standard EANCOM 2002 S3, which is the worldwide standard of EDI. If one of the counterparties is a subscriber of the other e-commerce platform, the eXite® provides automatic roaming with any operator of the world's EDI.
  • Saving costs. The company personnel is clear from monotonous work of data manual entry, order processing time is reduced and no spending for fax and postal services.
  • Ability to implement new types of business processes. After the introduction of EDI it is possible to use such business processes, Vendor Managed Inventory, Continuous Replenishment Process, Collaborative Planning Replenishment and Forecasting, which can significantly increase trade between business partners, increase profitability and competitiveness of the capital.
  • Security. The contents of EDI-messages is visible only to the sender and the receiver. Strict security measures make unauthorized access to information impossible.


EDI key processes:

ORDERSORDERS, Order – a message sent to the supplier, which contains: order number, date and time of delivery, a reference to the supply agreement number, price, participants identifiers (recipient, sender, place of delivery, customer, carrier, consignee) and information about the contents of the order. 


DESADVDESADV, Shipment notification – similar to delivery note, this document contains relevant information about the actual shipment from distributor’s warehouse: product information (bar codes, quantity, etc.), physical characteristics of the shipment (volume, weight, etc.), delivery information (number and date of delivery note, date and time of delivery, etc.)


RECADVRECADV, Acceptance notification – Acceptance notification document (RECADV) is automatically generated on the basis of acceptance of goods. It contains information about the actually accepted products (including reason: marriage / non-standard item / expired etc.). This will allow the vendor to get actual information and generate valid invoice before truck is arrived back.


INVOICINVOIC, invoice – sent by supplier to retailer.


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