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RS 1000 / 1200 Money Scale

RS1000For banknotes and coins

The daily manual cashing-up of a shop requires valuable labour time. The RS 1000 and RS 1200 Money Scales carry out a cashing-up in only one minute. The scales are mobile and, due to their adjustable display, the counting procedure can be done either standing up or sitting. The Money Scales are easy to use because of the self-explanatory instructions.


The scales indicate automatically the sort of coin/banknote to be placed, from 1 cent to 500 Euros. There is no need to press any button during the entire counting procedure. The subtotals are added automatically into a total sum.


Asides from banknotes and coins, the RS 1200 also counts coin rolls trouble-free. This version offers the possibility to calculate the float amount and deduct it from the cash receipts. The connection to a receipt printer allows a clear print-out of the cashing-up.


Soldi Smart Pro

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Soldi Smart Pro

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