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rapidcount T

Rapidcount TBanknote counter for medium and high volumes

The banknote counters rapidcount T 225 and T 275 are the ideal solution to count medium and high volumes of banknotes. Both models recognise the value of the banknotes, so the banknotes can be checked and counted unsorted.


With a speed of up to 1000 banknotes per minute, the machines quickly calculate the exact counting result. Big stacks of banknotes can be placed in the efficient banknote feeder, also during machine operation to continue a trouble-free counting process. Besides the piece counting, the machines recognise the value of the banknotes counted. By pressing the Report button, the whole counting result will be displayed in detail.


The rapidcount T275 offers furthermore a complete counterfeit detection test. The device reliably tests UV, IR and Magnetic features, as well as the magnet code. The rapicount T225 has only UV test feature.


Soldi Smart Pro

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Soldi Smart Pro

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