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UVS Group in coordination with its partner Electronic Payment Solutions from Lithuania offers retailers different solutions for bank cards acceptance and implementation of loyalty.




Payment with bank cards is as important as cash payment. Service of payment cards is vital in order to guarantee the success of business. Our partner company EPS LT has many years of experience in installing systems of banking services. Services and products that we offer help optimize payments with payment cards: the costs of maintenance decrease, while the effectiveness and mobility of client services increase.

Software of the Service of Bank Payment Cards

A special device (Pin Pad) for reading data of payment cards and introduction of the PIN code is connected to the cash-register. Also, special software which manages the "Pin Pad" device and sends payment data to the authorization center is installed to the cash register.

Verifone Vx810

Solutions for Payment Terminals

UVS Group in cooperation with EPS LT distributes a wide range of payment terminals by globally recognized producers.

Wireless Solution for the Service of Bank Cards

This offer is for businesses that want to provide the service of payment with bank payment cards everywhere.

Multibanking Services

These services, meant for decreasing company’s expenses which are incurred when servicing bank payment card holders, when the payments with bank payment card are transferred to the bank that issued it.

The Service of Bank Payment Cards in Self-Service Machines

We are installing solutions for payment with bank payment cards in self-service machines. This allows extending the area of payment for services and makes it easier (for example, payment for parking).


It is much harder and more expensive to attract a new buyer than to maintain an old one. This is why the development, analysis and improvement of a client loyalty system are important factors for successful business. Discount or loyalty cards and systems are one of the most effective ways to receive trust, recognition and loyalty of clients. Also, such card helps to achieve the goals set by the trader, such as: increase the sales, maintain the existing clients, motivate them to return, attract new clients, increase the demand for the brand of the company. Traders understand perfectly the importance of loyalty and the benefits that it brings, however, only rarely it is used effectively. Most of the businesses issue plastic discount cards but neither use the electronic service nor research the needs of the clients. Such tendency can be confirmed by many discount cards existing in the market that guarantee only instantaneous discount and do not mean much neither to the client nor to the trader. These cards drown in the sea of discount cards and do not perform their main functions of loyalty: the trader does not receive any information about his clients, is not able to create a personal contact with them and does not motivate them to return. We have vast experience and technical potential and offer wide variety of loyalty systems and solutions.

Automatic Loyalty System

This system is intended for implementation of loyalty programs proposed by the companies, as well as to manage, plan and analyze effectively the aspects and parameters of loyalty.

Functional Possibilities of the Loyalty System

UVS Group in cooperation with EPS LT offers a lot of opportunities and solutions for an application of various loyalty functions for the companies to choose from.

Company credit and debit cards system

We offer systems and solutions for credit and debit cards.


Information technologies in people's life are becoming more and more important. Improving technologies create new opportunities of solutions for payment and client service which have not been applied before. We offer unique electronic solutions for your business which will allow to have more ways of payments and to improve the service to the clients.

Sales of Prepaid Services of Mobile Connection Operators

Such services are intended for traders because they can sell prepaid services, account supplements via POS (cash registers) terminals.

Gift Vouchers, Coupons, Cards

UVS Group in cooperation with EPS LT offers automatic systems of acceptance and verification of gift vouchers, coupons and cards. Goods purchased can be paid with a gift voucher and it is valid in all the shops, areas of services and entertainment where the information on the opportunity to pay with Gift Voucher is provided.


We offer electronic ticket systems that allow to service and manage electronic tickets.

Electronic Insurance Cards

We offer to our clients (insurance companies) a system of insurance payments and administration.

Bill Collection

UVS Group in cooperation with EPS LT offers a solution which allows collecting payments for utilities, connection and other services simply in cash-registers of traders. This allows traders to receive additional income for collection of payments, also, it helps to save the time of clients. For example, at the same time the client can pay not only for purchases but also pay, for instance, the bill for cable service.


UVS Group in cooperation with EPS LT with its team of experienced programmers who for many years have been creating and implementing solutions for bank payment cards, loyalty and other electronic solutions do not limit its activity to installation of only standard projects. We offer our unique solutions because our goal is to satisfy the expectations of the most selective clients, to implement their visions. We keep developing the functionality of the loyalty system by creating new loyalty solutions that have never been applied before.

We can develop new (which have not been applied before) systems for transaction management, information administration and other payment systems or their parts. We not only apply solutions that are already created but we also can implement the most complicated visions of our clients, even those which seem impossible at first sight. 


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